Review – Beach Wedding by Natasha Boyd



It’s been four years since movie star, Jack Eversea, won Keri Ann Butler’s heart.

Keri Ann has finished college and launched her artistic career, and she’s let Jack know that she might finally be ready to tie the knot. But four years was a long time to make Jack wait. Jack’s just finished filming one of the most emotionally taxing projects he’s ever worked on and now he’s questioning his suitability for marriage.

Unforseen circumstances are causing rifts in their relationship, pitting the future against the past and love against responsibility, and conspiring to make the lovers take a good long look at their future.

It’s always been a rocky road for these two, can Keri Ann’s steadfast love smooth the way to their BEACH WEDDING?

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In 2013, I fell hopelessly in love with Jack, Kerri Ann, and the entire Butler Cove world. For the last few years, I’ve been eagerly waiting for these two to finally have their dream wedding and a happily ever after. Nothing with Jack and Kerri Ann has ever come easily, and I shed more tears than ever expected with this book. There are intense and surprising moments, but the love and chemistry from these two is as strong as ever. In the end, Natasha Boyd delivers complete perfection for one of my most beloved couples, and reminded me why I adore this series so completely. If you’ve read the previous books, you simply cannot miss this installment.

“I will love you until my last breath. And I will love you even beyond. For as many lifetimes as we are granted.”

I don’t want to be spoilerish, so there won’t be many details about the book in my review. Anyone that has traveled this journey deserves the full experience. I was reminded of how sexy Jack Eversea is! He has moments in this book that made me melt. It’s refreshing to see how mature Kerri Ann has become. Her times with Jazz were some of my favorite scenes. Their friendship and deep affection for one another really shines. Of course, it can’t be Butler Cover without a few sea turtles and beach magic. As with all the books, the setting is as mesmerizing and entertaining as the characters themselves. Boyd brings the Lowcountry to life and completely immerses you in the beauty of this area and the people that live there.

“And there are days, probably for everyone, when it’s easy to forget where we come from, and the values that are important to us….But I only have to be with my sister to see all the very best things….”

Even though this is the official ending for Jack and Kerri Ann, I am thrilled to see more from Butler Cove. Several characters intrigued me, and I can’t wait to see who might have a book in the future. If you are a romance fan, I highly recommend The Butler Cove Series!

* A huge thank you to Ms. Boyd for my advanced copy, and my paperback is already ordered from Amazon!*


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Winter Rose FINALIST 2013 (Eversea), Digital Book Award Winner 2014 (Eversea) and Chatelaine Awards for Romantic Fiction FINALIST 2015 (Deep Blue Eternity).



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