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(Taylored Made Duet, Book #2)

In true Graham fashion, he does what he knows best to get Emme back. Take control. Show her who is really in charge. As blurred lines slowly gain focus, Graham and Emme both learn what it means to give your whole heart to another. Just when they have it figured out, a crisis brings Emme to her knees and when she needs him in charge the most, Graham’s own past, leaves him paralyzed and breaking his vows to the love of his life – to always take care of her.

Taylored to Perfection is a story of love, loss, family and how giving up control may be the only way to reclaim it.


We are thrilled to have Jerilyn as a guest reviewer.  She is a passionate reader and fellow bookworm.

You know that kind of book where you want to read it slowly because you love it so much and want to savor it but you know you can’t and go GUNS BLAZING and staying up until 5am when you have work at 9am while you are crashing head first with no parachute to help soften the fall? Yeah this is what this book did to me. GAH! Where to even begin?  I love the titles first off bc it is “punny” lol and ties in so well with the story #feels. I love how KJ leaves you in suspense and just when you think you can’t handle it anymore she gives you some relief ONLY! To pull you back in for another roller coaster of feels, joy, heart ache, love, cleansing and discovery. This story is so amazing my review will never give it justice unless you experience the book for yourself. Being book two you get all your questions answered from book one and then some! AHHH! I can’t type as fast as my mind and thoughts are going. It is that amazing ya’ll. I love how she puts some light heartedness with the heavy. I swear I had an intense frown uni-brow going on reading and she had one part that made me bust out laughing and I felt my face immediately relax after reading it. That is art ya’ll! The scene was raw and real I did not realize my face was in deep concentration I will cut you if you disturb me mode.

I obviously hi-lighted the whole book! THE QUOTES ARE PER-FECT I love how the supporting characters are just as important as the main characters. You love everyone in this story even the villains because they teach you to never stop fighting and even though they might kick you down time and time again. THEY WILL NEVER HAVE POWER OVER YOU if you don’t give it to them. I love the support system they are to her even when Emme feels like a burden, she is surrounded by love. I love how Emme and Graham are so honest and blunt. It is so refreshing with no guessing games or feeling insecure about each other’s feelings except for one part! YOU DROPPED THE BALL GRAHAM! What were you thinking? … and you know how some stories you never get the answer?  YOU GET WHAT HE IS THINKING and he explains it! JUST AHHH! Love it so much!  KJ does not leave any holes. The story is seriously PERFECTION! Hands down my FAVORITE READ of 2016!  

I love how you got to see every character’s development and get a glimpse of their love life. Her relationship with the dwarfs and TEAGUE are sooooo SQUAD GOALS! I wish you could have been in my head while read each sentence lol I so demonstrated each MIND BLOWN scene with a meme LOL. Her twin intuition was awesome and sad and ugh I wish life turned out different sometimes.  Seriously this book has changed me for the better and I just love that she brought her A-game with Graham and Emme. Especially bringing Graham into the world. I wish could have a never ending novella LOL! I wanted to know more about her mom and Harry’s relationship. I want Holt and Lucy to have a story, Drew and Amanda, Kyle and his love and to know about the other dwarfs we didn’t get to really see. I want to see more Blaine. I want a Teague and Joy novella and a Becca and Matt lol. I have more demands but it is almost 3am and I can’t think of what else to say other than PLEASEEEE read this duet you won’t be disappointed. I PROMISE with exploding GLITTER CANONS with a side of a Unicorn ride into the sunset over the rainbows. 

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KJ is an indie romance/erotica author of the Taylor Made Series. When not writing, you can find her reading at the beach, exploring New York City or enjoying Memphis.

Twitter: | @kjlewisbooks
Amazon Author Page:



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