The Matchmaker’s Playbook by Rachel Van Dyken



Wingman rule number one: don’t fall for a client.

After a career-ending accident, former NFL recruit Ian Hunter is back on campus—and he’s ready to get his new game on. As one of the masterminds behind Wingmen, Inc., a successful and secretive word-of-mouth dating service, he’s putting his extensive skills with women to work for the lovelorn. But when Blake Olson requests the services of Wingmen, Inc., Ian may have landed his most hopeless client yet.

From her frumpy athletic gear to her unfortunate choice of footwear, Blake is going to need a miracle if she wants to land her crush. At least with a professional matchmaker by her side she has a fighting chance. Ian knows that his advice and a makeover can turn Blake into another successful match. But as Blake begins the transformation from hot mess to smokin’ hot, Ian realizes he’s in danger of breaking his cardinal rule…

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four star

It may as well be Christmas; not only do we get a new RVD book, but we get the beginning of a new series.  And I am completely head over heals in love with Ian Hunter.

We are definitely RVD addicts, and there’s nothing more exciting than a new series from one of our favorites. Unlike Tracy, I wasn’t much of an Ian fan in the beginning. In fact, I haven’t disliked a RVD hero this much since the first time I met Nixon from Eagle Elite Series. I found Ian to be arrogant and little too cocky. However, I instantly adored Blake. Their chemistry from the first moments was fun, and I couldn’t wait to see how Ian would react to Blake.

His cockiness and brash behavior is what I adored.  He had me laughing, and their first meeting was classic.  Although I think if I were Blake, I would act the same way.  Ian definitely needed someone to come and knock him off his pedestal and Blake was the perfect woman for the job.

 I’ve gone from being the coach to the damn client…

This was the first full length novel RVD has written from an all male perspective, and I think she does an excellent job. Getting insight into Ian’s inner dialogue is hilarious, even if he drove me crazy at times. Blake’s personality manages to shine despite not having her inner dialogue.

At first I wasn’t sure of only having Ian’s POV. I usually prefer a dual POV story, but in this story it absolutely worked.  Blake’s character definitely shined through the eyes of Ian.

Like all RVD books, there is an outstanding supporting cast that brings laughter and depth to the story. Lex and Gabi are polar opposites, but are the perfect sidekicks for Ian. I simply can’t wait to read more about them in the next installment.

We had been inseparable since we were kids, and the last thing I wanted was to retrain a best friend.

I loved that Ian had a girl as his best friend.  Gabi definitely put him in his place; she was a perfect addition to the story. And you know there is something brewing between Gabi and his other best friend Lex.  I can’t wait to get more of their stories!

The book definitely ends with a nice setup for the next installment. I can’t wait to see where the series heads next. If you’re looking for a fun and lighthearted read, I highly recommend this one!

Beautiful fashion woman looking at the boyfriend


“If you  hurt her, I’m going to break off your favorite appendage.”

“Silly Gabi.” I grinned. “Is that an invitation to touch?”

“Guarantee  if I ever do touch you, it will only end badly.”

“Tease.” I winked.

“Stop that.” She flicked me on the nose. “Your sexual prowess is dead to me. Dead!”

Rolling my eyes, I wrapped an arm around her and steered us both into the kitchen, where the smell of French bread and spaghetti filled the air. “Have I told you how much I miss our weekly dinners? Think we should do it daily? You know, so I don’t starve?”

Gabi shrugged out of my embrace. “Learn how to cook.”

I jutted out my lower lip. “It’s not for lack of knowledge.” I broke off a piece of warm bread, then poured myself a large glass of wine. “It’s because yours always tastes better.”

Gabi groaned loudly. “Damn, do the girls really fall for that? Still?”

“Eh.” I shrugged and made a so-so motion with my hand. “Nine out of ten.”

“You disgust me.”

“You say that every day.”

“Because it’s true every day.”

“When’s dinner ready?” Serena bounced into the room, literally, her head bobbing from left to right. Maybe that’s how girls like her built up more brain cells. They shook the air, and the pressure between their ears exploded, making tiny little brain-cell babies.

Gabi poked her head into the fridge. “When Lex gets here.”

“So it’s ready now?” she asked.

Never mind. No brain-cell babies. I fought the urge to point to the steaming spaghetti and bread sitting on the breakfast bar. Didn’t it look ready, kiddo?

“Technically,” I answered for Gabi. “But we aren’t eating”—I stressed the word “eating” even though I’d just taken some bread—“until my sidekick gets here.”

“Sidekick, huh?” Serena crossed her arms, forcing her boobs to kiss one another and nearly hit her in the chin.

“Oh, I thought you knew.” I gave her a sad face. “I’m the hero in this scenario . . . Even own my own cape. He’s basically the Robin to my Batman.”

“Batman’s hot.”

“So is Robin,” Gabi said defensively.

Whoa. Did she just defend Lex? I felt her forehead. She pushed my hand away and handed me some parmesan cheese.

The door flew open, and Lex stepped through, holding up two bottles of Cab. “Sorry, traffic was shit.”

“Language,” Gabi called.

Lex and I shared a look before Lex stomped over to the swear jar and tossed in a dollar bill.

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Ian and Lex’s Rules of Play 

  1. Jealousy is key when trying to get noticed by a dude. No girl ever got her guy by hanging out by the potted plants or doing the dishes in the kitchen.
  2. Smile. Often. Smiling makes dickheads automatically assume you’ve got a secret–and damn, do guys love discovering secrets.
  3. Never call. Always text.
  4. If he calls you, answer on the third ring, but only after he’s called you three times.
  5. The rule of three pertains to every situation, answering in person, the length of time you touch a body part (unless it’s down below, but you shouldn’t be doing that at this point unless you’re a psycho), the length of time you take to answer the door, the point is this, you have to pause, breathe, stare, and then answer. If you’re doing it any other way. You’re doing it wrong.
  6. I don’t care if he’s serenading you with Taylor Swift and it’s just like absolutely OMGEE your most favorite song, holy shit he brought coke zero? I LOVE COKE ZERO. No. Hell no. You don’t cave. It’s been one day. You do not cave on day one. On day one. You plan.
  7. You are NEVER to be so interested in them right off the bat that you’re willing to cancel plans, according to them, you’re always busy damn it, why can’t they just catch a break?
  8. Walk away, never toward. I don’t give a flying shit that he’s wearing your favorite shirt and holding a monkey on his head, smile, wave, walk the other way. The only time you walk toward is if the douche needs medical attention and even then…if he’s gonna live, so will you.
  9. It’s not about you. I know, I know, you’re just so pissed about Shelly and how she gave you a bitchy look during chem, but control yourself. It’s about him, ask him questions, in return, he will ask you. This. Is. Called. A. Conversation.
  10. Put your damn phone away. When you’re in his space, you aren’t on Facebook or tweeting about it, this is how you lose his attention and gain another cat. Toss the cell phone away or Wingmen Inc will very politely shove it up your ass.


If the first ten rules are too difficult for you to comprehend, you probably aren’t the client for us…because quite honestly…there are forty more, no chance in hell you’ll get through them if you’re already scowling. Buh-Bye.


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Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!

Want to be kept up to date on new releases? Text MAFIA to 66866!


You can connect with her on Facebook  or join her fan group Rachel’s New Rockin Readers. Her website is .






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