Twenty One by ES Carter – Review

Synopsis**This is the second part in the “Love by Numbers” series and is a continuation of the story that began in Nineteen. It is not to be read as a standalone.

Fate kept placing Emma Campbell and Jake Fox in each others paths.
Fate also kept putting overwhelming obstacles in their way.
What fate didn’t realise is that Jake and Emma share a connection that is stronger than circumstance.
An intense bond that threatens everything they thought they knew about themselves, one that is only made stronger by a perfect day.

A perfect day where they both surrendered to the force of their feelings for one another.
A perfect day that ended in darkness and tragedy.

Jake is missing.
Emma is lost.
Lost in grief; lost in hopelessness.

Will fate finally grant them a chance to be together or will it tear them apart?

*Suitable for readers 18+ due to scenes of a sexual nature*

11742626_965897413430566_2551292941219509820_nRebecca Review-001After the heartbreaking cliffhanger in Nineteen, I have been waiting impatiently to finally see what would happen with Jake and Emma. Would Jake be found? If so, was he injured? Could Jake and Emma have chance finally find a little happiness? I was hanging on every single word of the first few chapters. My heart ached for sweet Emma.  While I won’t spoil the plot of Twenty One for readers, I promise you won’t have to read long to have some of these questions answered. I appreciated that Ms. Carter did not needlessly torture her readers as to Jake’s fate.

I’m done waiting; it’s time to find my path.
It’s time to live my life and to stop wasting precious time trying to figure everything out.
Time to stop letting my future be stolen by an unchangeable past.

This book is almost impossible to review without spoilers, so I will focus on the writing style and my feelings as I read. The first chapters were quite intense as Emma and Jake’s future literally hung in the balance. Emma made quite a journey to finally trust her feelings and emotions. Many questions I had about her family were answered in this installment. Her character continued to amaze me with her charm and whit. I am impressed this is only the second published book from Ms. Carter. The entire book flowed so well and I was riveted until the final page.

As much as I adored the main characters, this book would not have been the beauty it was without the supporting cast. I loved Liam in Nineteen and my heart continued to ache for him. H was a shining light in all his sarcastic glory. He brought much needed humor and fun to a serious storyline. Liv and Emma’s friendship was heartwarming. Liv was the rock Emma needed and she never wavered in her love and support. I cannot wait to read the next book in this series!
5starOne Click-001Amazon
Don’t forget the first book, Nineteen!
Meet The Author-001Avid reader and mother of 3, Ms. Carter previously worked in human resource management prior to becoming a stay at home carer and advocate for families of children with special needs.

She has been writing since childhood, the bookworm gene an abnormal manifestation as no-one else in my family is obsessed with books. She is happy to say she has passed this gene on to my youngest child who has been devouring books since the very day she could hold one in her hand.

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