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I met Mathias Sloan in a club.
I told him I was twenty-four.
I told him my name was Olivia.
I thought that I would have a one-night stand and be done with him.
I didn’t know that he was my new piano instructor for the next six months…
We would come together and fall apart. After him, every man was ruined.
If I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t have walked to him. I would’ve turned and run…


**While I highly recommend reading the first two books, you don’t have in order to enjoy this one. It is considered a standalone. **

I first fell in love with Mathias Sloan over two years ago while reading the first two Sloan Brothers.  He was the secretive and charismatic older brother I wanted desperately to know all about.  You know the saying, “Careful what you wish for.”  In this installment, Mathias is revealed in all his complicated and heartbreaking glory.  The Prologue is riveting; I was completely sucked into the storyline from the beginning.

We had our chance.
We had our time.
We were over.

The book unfolds with alternating POVS of Mathias and Katja.  After a chance encounter in a bar, Mathias soon learns that Katja is his new student.  He has traveled to Germany to guide her in piano as she prepares to launch her career.  The angst between these two is unbearable at times.  Mathias refuses to cross the line between student and instructor.  Katja longs to feel real passion in her music.  Would they be able to resist their relentless attraction to one another?  What would happen if they did give in to their attraction?

I knew he was my addiction. And like every addiction I couldn’t pull away after one hit. 

Most of the book takes place in Garmisch, Germany and the descriptions are mesmerizing. It is obvious Ms. Read has intimate knowledge of the area.  I truly felt as if I were visiting all the tourist locations, as well as the local spots.  It was easy to imagine all the places Mathias and Katja visited.  There is an endless supply of German vocabulary words too.  I truly felt immersed in the culture and people.

At times, I felt a disconnect to Mathias.  Despite having his POV, I still felt as if pieces of his inner dialogue are missing.  He remains guarded and aloof at times.  I wanted more passion from this closed off man, who pours his heart and soul into the piano.  I felt a true connection with Katja and really liked her character.  She continues to grow and develop throughout the entire story.

Here’s the girl you left… And now you have to watch her shine.

Being a huge fan of The Sloan Brothers, I was thrilled to see little glimpses of Thayer and Macsen.  Selfishly, I wanted more.  However, I will happily take whatever I can.  I also wanted a little more of an Epilogue.  I do not need a drawn out ending, but I still have so many questions.  Overall, I was thrilled to once again be with the Sloan Brothers!   ~ Rebecca

four star

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Ruin You Completely

Book 1 – Every Which Way



Book 2 – Breaking the Wrong




“Katja,” he growled as he grabbed my arm.

“Let go,” I hissed.

I pulled away and hurried to open the door. His hand landed on the door and shoved it back in the frame. I whirled around, realizing I was caged between his arms.

“Move away, Mathias.”


My lips still tingled from his kiss. It was too soon to be this close to him. His hands remained splayed against the door. He leaned in and I felt the heat of his body as if it was my own.

“Why did you come and see me perform?” I asked.

He tilted his head to the side. “Why do you think?”

“I don’t know,” I pressed my body against the door.

Mathias smiled, but it was dark. “Why do you keep moving? Think you can run away?” He smiled bitterly. “I’ve tried that. It doesn’t work.”

“What do you want me to say?”

“I want you to tell me you’ve thought about me as much as I’ve thought about you.”

I pressed my lips together in a flat line.

Mathias’ eyes were glued to mine. “You haven’t thought about me at all?”

I stared at him, wanting so badly to tell him I hadn’t, but knowing I couldn’t. It would be the biggest lie I’d ever told. I glanced away.

“Don’t look at the floor,” he demanded. “Look at me.”

I didn’t want to look at him. At that second, all I wanted to do was stare at the ground; it was safe to look there.

“Tell me the truth,” Mathias said. I felt his lips brush against my ear.


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Meet The Author-001
Calia lives in Indiana with her husband and their four kids.


Ruin You Completely from Becca the Bibliophile on Vimeo.


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