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Trying to overcome insurmountable odds: lifelong secrets plaguing both families, the failed, bitter romance between their eldest born, the ghosts of their deceased spouses, and the addiction that taints everything it touches. Will Malcolm Mason and Clover Webster be able to forge an unbreakable bond in order to traverse this landmine of a blended family?

Widow is book #2 in the Blended Series, the sequel to Good Girl. Prepare for a roller coaster ride of emotions: devastating loss, the mourning of death, the renewal of hope, the awakening of love, the unexpected humor of watching one’s loved ones fall down, get back up, and dust themselves off. Blended is the chaotic calamity of everyday life.

Disclaimer: The Blended Series is for mature audiences only. 18+ Contemporary Romance with an erotic twist. Widow features sensual erotic themes, guaranteed to leave you jonesing for a sensual massage.

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“I need to warn you,” I announce in a stiff voice, fingers curling into fists against the insane need threatening to overpower me. “I have a touching problem.”

Stopping dead in her tracks, facing away from me, Clover squeaks out, “Excuse me? What did you say?” A giggle slips past her lips, causing me to smirk. I don’t have to wait longer than a heartbeat before she burns me good. “Touching yourself? I heard boys go blind from that.”

“HA-HA!” I mock-laugh. “I don’t want to get into specifics of why, but I have a touching problem. It’s a coping mechanism, actually. If I’m anxious or happy or sad or aroused, or if the other person is anxious or happy or sad or aroused, I have to touch them. I don’t go more than a few minutes without holding a hand or patting a back. This is why I waited so long to see you face-to-face. It was safer texting you while watching from across your office.”

“Why me, though?” Clover sounds so confused that the need to touch her overcomes me.

“I don’t molest anyone. It’s not entirely sexual,” I say softly as I place my hand at the small of her back. Just that slight touch relaxes me, but it has Clover’s muscles stiffening up, almost flinching.

“Who do you touch?” Clover breathes out, thankfully not moving away from me.

“It started with Isis. I was so starved for human connection that the day Isis was born I decided she belonged to me. Since we had no mother, and Dad said all little girls needed a mother, he allowed me to coddle Isis. Then Auggie, but that was when my father wasn’t looking- but Dad knew. Nothing gross, just holding them. I liked it when they were sad or hurt, so I could comfort them. I wanted to be that person for them. I’d get pissed when they comforted each other,” I admit with a sad laugh. “After my father died, I went out of control. I used Camille to satisfy me.”

Stilling beneath my hand, “That’s why you have so many kids?” Clover asks hesitantly.

Closing my eyes, need ripples throughout my system. I knew it would be hard to be around Clover and not touch her- consume her. I waited a torturous year as proof that I could control myself. My hand slides from the small of Clover’s back to the nape of her neck. She is taut beneath my touch, so I find my fingers squeezing and releasing in a rhythmic massage to calm her.

“No,” I answer, trying not to chuckle. “I feel absolutely no shame for my needs. I love sex, but touching for me is about trust and intimacy. I like it when people come to me for comfort, like I’m the only person who can fix it. So sex… sex is the ultimate, and that is part of why I have four kids, I guess… and other reasons,” I reluctantly admit, not wanting to voice how the thought of reproduction during sex gets me off. Duplicating oneself, and the lifetime of care that follows, is what separates a man from a boy. If Camille still lived, no doubt we would have several more children. But I can’t tell Clover yet. I don’t want to frighten her off.


Widow is the sequel to Good Girl, so you must read that book prior or you will be totally lost to the characters and the complex relationships.  While Malcolm and Clover were introduced in GG, in this installment, we truly learn about their personalities and what makes them tick.  These two are such complex characters and I love being in the mind of each; the dual POVs is perfect.  Malcolm  was an enigma in GG, but so much of his inner thoughts and actions are explained fully in this book.  I fell in absolute love with him; which I never could have predicted while reading GG.  This is one of the amazing things about this series.  On the outside, this group appears over the top and a little crazy even. Erica creates complex and flawed characters then slowly reveals their secrets.  Like you and I ,they only want to love and to be loved by their family and those around them.

While there is a small cliffhanger, I didn’t want to throw my Kindle and harm anyone.  I am counting down the days for the next book in the series.  There are definitely many life altering secrets that are yet to be revealed.

I discovered Erica’s books last December and became addicted.  I read her entire M&M Series in less than two weeks.  In my opinion, there is no author that writes this genre better than Erica!

~ Rebecca


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Also Available in the Blended Series

Good Girl Cover

There aren’t many options for a girl who falls in the middle. I wasn’t an athlete or a geek. I wasn’t an artist or a musician. I didn’t shake my pom-poms along with my ass. I was just a good girl, who got good grades, and kept her mouth shut. I didn’t date my high school sweetheart and promptly get married the second I was handed my diploma. I’m not shiny enough to attract notice, nor dark enough to be a problem.

I don’t have a tragic sob story. My daddy didn’t leave us destitute, and I’m not a victim of a bad neighborhood. I am a middle-America, middle of the road, middle class girl with both parents fussing over their youngest daughter, who has no aspirations or goals. I’ve had every opportunity to succeed- supportive parents, stability, and a strong upbringing. I’m wayward and everyone looks at me like I’m an alien.

My philosophy: how should I know what I want to do with the rest of my life the day I graduate? How am I supposed to know the second I turn eighteen what I am destined to become? One moment you are a disillusioned seventeen year old with the world at your fingertips, and the next, congratulations, you’re eighteen and you’re on your own.

Disclaimer: The Blended Series is for mature audiences only. 18+ Contemporary Romance with an erotic twist. Good Girl features bisexual themes and sexual content that some may find disturbing. Drug Use is prevalent, without being Pro-Drug or Anti-Drug. Recreational Drug users and abusers are in our everyday life, and the Blended Series is nothing if not reality.

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Wildly Wedded Wife Cover

Bethany Oman: Another six months and my thesis will be finished, and then I can stop this suffocating charade. My dream is to become a therapist specializing in sexual dysfunction. What better way to write my thesis than in a Playroom filled with sexual deviants? Only problem, I had to become a deviant in order to gain entrance to the Playroom… and then I had to explain my motivations to Augustus Kline, who offered me protection for a very steep toll.

My other dream is standing before me, smirking with anticipation. My original, lifelong-dream, who could easily destroy any hope of my becoming a therapist if I’m not careful.

And Rory Essex makes me feel anything but careful.

Willing to do anything it takes to gain the woman he loves, Rory makes a deal with Beth, which forces him to bargain with the Devil Himself.

Accepting Augustus Kline’s toll into the Playroom, Rory gains the key to making Bethany his Wildly Wedded Wife.

Wildly Wedded Wife is Book #1.5 in the Blended Series. Contemporary Romance with erotic themes. 18+. Warning: content may be too steamy for those with delicate sensibilities, including a wicked male/male sex toll into the Playroom.

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Erica Chilson

Erica Chilson spends most of her time inside her own imagination, whether awake or asleep. Her love of reading and writing for her book review blog, Wicked Reads, inspired her to begin writing again. Not one who enjoys the norm, her favorite things to read, write, and dream about are on the edge, claws and fangs, and wickedly entertaining things…

Connect with Erica

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Grand Prize – 1 copy of Widow & 1 copy of Wildly Wedded Wife

Grand Prize – 1 copy of Widow & 1 copy of Wildly Wedded Wife
2nd Place – 1 copy of Widow
3rd Place – 1 copy of Wildly Wedded Wife

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