AZ Author’s Spotlight ~ Rebecca Shea, Chelsea Fine and A.L. Jackson

AZ Authors-001

This month we were fortunate enough to be invited to an event with A.L. Jackson, Rebecca Shea and Chelsea Fine.  Between the two of us we have read almost everything they have published.  If you haven’t had a chance to read these authors we highly recommend one-clicking!

All three of these ladies are from our great state of Arizona and often write about it in their stories.  We love it when they do this because you can tell when they are talking about one of our summer storms or our extreme heat they can describe it like no other.  Rebecca and I, as well as our friend Katy were able to chat books with all three ladies.  It’s amazing to get the author’s perspective and scoop on the characters we love!  I don’t know how we got away without taking a picture with Rebecca Shea; too busy chatting about Gabe, Landon and UofA Wildcats I guess.


To find these authors books on amazon, click on their picture below.

Chelsea FineRebecca SheaA.L. Jackson


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