Advanced Review of The Immortal Crown (Age of X Book 2)



After the first book of this series started off rather slow, I wondered if I would ever truly love this series as I have other Richelle Mead works. Happily, my fears have been laid to rest. The second book of the series was amazing. Like the first book, it is told in third person. While it is a little slow in the beginning, it quickly gains momentum. Mae and Justin are once agin thrown into danger as they go undercover into a hostile territory. Their chemistry is amazing; I am desperate for these two to finally realize they work best together. Mae continues to be the tough heroine. However, a softer side of her emerges as she searches for her missing niece. I also enjoyed the smaller side-story of Tessa as she uncovers possible religious involvement in politics. I hope there is more to her story in future books.

In true Richelle Mead style, there is an insane cliff hanger. The ending absolutely gutted me. I don’t know how readers will be able to wait another 9+ months to see what happens to Mae and Justin.

I highly recommend this series to anyone looking for a change of pace in the paranormal genre. It is unlike any other adult paranormal series.  The Immortal Crown will be released on May 29th.

Gameboard of the Gods (Age of X Book 1)

Immortal Crown (Age of X Book 2)

~Rebecca’s Review


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