Review of Ruined (Ethan Frost 1) by Tracy Wolf

Rebecca’s Review


It’s the first time anyone has ever looked at me like that, the first time a man has taken the time to look into me instead of just at me. The first time a man has ever really seen me. 

In the beginning, I thought this book was going to be the typical billionaire/alpha male read. However, I was wrong! Ethan Frost may be a billionaire, but he is a “good guy”. He is so charming and obviously smitten for Chloe. I liked Chloe and despite her trust issues. Their chemistry is smoking hot! They are a perfect balance for each other. The ending floored me, I was not prepared for Ethan’s reaction. Obviously, there is much to be addressed in future books. There is a killer CH! I am desperately waiting for the next book. Perhaps there will be some chapters from Ethan’s POV. I would love to know his thoughts and feelings.

~ “It’s okay. I can wait.”
~”Wait for what?” He smiles at me.
~ “For you, Chloe. I can wait for you.” 

**NetGalley provided a courtesy copy in exchange for an honest review.**


Tracy’s Review


This is the type of book I have trouble reviewing because I have some mixed feelings about it. I liked the story. Ethan Frost is the not your typical billionaire alpha character that we found in other books. The description of the book compared it to Fifty Shades and Bared to You, but Ethan was nothing like those alpha character; Ethan had a sense of humor and was kindhearted.
Chloe is overcoming a difficult time in her life and trying hard to put her past behind her. She is determined to be her own person and stand up for herself. Determined to make her own decisions is what puts her in an embarrassing situation with Ethan which starts the beginning of cute banter between the two characters.

This story is the broken boy meets broken girl and they can’t resist each other. I liked the twists that this story had and he has a doozie of a cliffhanger so be prepared to need to read the next story. The problem I did have with this story was that is was very wordy and I felt it lacked dialogue between Chloe and Ethan. We were in Chloe’s head a lot and there was a lot of repetition on her thoughts. I wish some of the dialogue that was summarized in her head we actually got to hear between the characters. That being said I am still going to have to see what happens next and read the next book in the series.

**NetGalley provided a courtesy copy in exchange for an honest review.**


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