Crashed (The Driven Trilogy #3) By K. Bromberg


This is the conclusion to the Driven series which quickly became one of our all time favorite series.  This was the first book/series written by K. Bromberg and she shot to the top with 5 stars for both of us.  If you haven’t read the series it’s a must read!

Tracy’s 5 Star Review

What do yo say… I’m sad this series is over because I need MORE!
Colton blew me away in this book. At the beginning he’s a broken boy and a broken man but Rylee changes all that.

“Call me a Pussy, but I swear to God she’s the only air my body can breathe. Fuck if she’s not everything I need and nothing I deserve” ~Colton

Rylee is still tough, her pain in this book just eats at me. She doesn’t just give a piece of her heart to her boys (All of her boys!) she gives her entire heart and body. How someone who continues to get beaten down still stands completely amazes me. She is still and continues to be my all time favorite book heroine.

“What’s best for me? Don’t you know what’s best for me is you, Colton? Every single part of you.” ~ Rylee

The Driven series in in my all time top favorite books and I can’t wait to see what Kristy comes up with next! Maybe some more Becks or Haddie (together would be fun)?

Rebecca’s 5 Star Review

I swear to God life is a f-ing series of moments. Some unexpected. Most not. And very few inconsequential. F– if I would have ever expected a stolen kiss to lead to this. Rylee and me.

I had tons of mixed emotions about this book. While I wanted so desperately to see the HEA, it was difficult saying goodbye to their story. Through the highs and lows, I LOVED every single moment of this book. The transformation that Colton underwent in these book is just breathtaking. I fell in love with his sexy, smart mouth from the beginning and I could not love him more as I finished. Rylee has become one of my all time heroines; she owns the book on unconditional love. The “sinner and the saint” – a definite match made in heaven. It has been a an amazing journey watching their love grow from that first kiss in the closet. There is a huge hole in my heart after saying goodbye to Rylee and Colton. This will always be on my all time favorites! I only hope that Kristy will give us peeks into their lives from time to time.

Favorite Quotes
“Baby, Heaven doesn’t want me yet, and f– if Hell can handle me, so you’re kinda stuck with me.”

“Sometimes hope is the most powerful medicine of all.”

“You’re my kind of perfect, Colton.”

PS – YES, I cried just writing this review!


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